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Thoughts on Nepal

Why we care so much about Nepal and its people  

"When I think about Nepal, the beautiful majestic white mountains stand right in front of my eyes. But ever since the Earthquake, my thoughts turn to a feeling of distress and loss at the misfortune of my people” contemplates Shilpa. It is these feelings that drive me even further in making Lotus Within accessible to everyone. Our wish is that people connect with Nepal in whatever way they can and help this amazing country rise again.


Peace and Healing through Sound & Art

Singing Bowls produce sounds that invoke a deep state of relaxation, stress reduction, holistic healing and chakra balancing. It is becoming widely accepted that pure sound tones and harmonics have a positive and penetrating impact upon a person's natural healing system. One of the outstanding qualities of Karma's Bell Set is its harmonic attunement. Karma has sifted through 5,000 bowls over a period of 35 yrs to accumulate 20 bowls.
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Tel.: (415) 561-0548

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